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Shattrath has been known as the major hub in Outland. This is situated in the northwest portion of Terokkar Forest. Most of its habitants are mostly ancient heroes and naaru. With these two different races under one city, Shattrath has been tagged as the first capital ever made for both sides.

The Shattrath City contains all portals to Azerothian capitals. In short this is a good portal ground for players who would want to jump to another city. What is important is these are made for free to all players. But you can’t use this if you do have plans to go to Stormwind and Thunder Bluff.

The city also housed notable residents that any player might wish to connect like Griftah who sells wonderful trinkets situated in the Southern side. There is also Tobias who is the Filth Gorger who awaits treats from adventurers. And finally there is Ernie Packwell, the notable trade goods vendor and cult figure.

The important of this city lies in its medium to be a portal to any cities and areas in the world of Azeroth. Perhaps many players would desire to reach this important hub because of its wide used. There are many ways on how to get to Shattrah. One is to ask for a mage to make a portal for you. This portal will automatically lead you to the said splendor city. This can be a one on one transaction where you can give gold in return.

Another method to get you to Shattrath is to head to Blasted Lands in the Eastern Kingdoms. You need to walk way south to the dark portal. This portal in turn allows you to teleport to the said city. But do take note that this is only made applicable if you are at least level 58. Then you walk through but just be aware that there are elites of level 70 that will attack anyone. Just run away especially if you know you don’t have the skills to battle them back. Then go to Terrokar Forest where Shattrath can be found.

There are also other ways in going there. You can seek for a flight master who would be willing to take you. Another note is to go to Stormwind or Exodar as your starting points. Here they have portals that can easily take you to Shattrath. If you seem to have trouble with the directions, you can always ask a guard in the world of Azeroth for it.

Going to Shattrath is actually not that difficult. You only need to look for some areas where you can access this said marvelous city. Thus, when you log on back to your WoW account, make sure to check the city first. You will be amazed with the things you will definitely see and what you can look around.

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