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Leveling enchanting guide is another most sought after guide in the World of Warcraft. Enchanting is another profession like skinning, jewelcrafting, mining and so on. With this profession, you can be able to use magical formulas to augment weapons, armors and other useful equipments. However, you need to use raw and special ingredients that can make the items more powerful.

Enchanting is not like any other professions in the World of Azeroth. As a matter of fact, this is tagged as a higher level one. This only means that being an enchanter requires more works if we are to compare with the other professions. Sometimes, attaining a higher level under the said task requires one to repeatedly cast enchantments to the equipments. This can range from your friends to pure strangers. You might even find yourself offering free enchantments to others.

Another challenge that faces enchanters in the World of Warcraft is gathering magic items. These items in turn can be used to disenchant to gather the required enchanting reagents. No wonder some players would spend money just to buy the materials. Some also joins a guild where your presence is felt and other players can simply send you items to disenchant. Some players also trade skill items to others and even ask some high level character to find the magic items for them.

In order to start with the profession, you need to seek help from an enchanting trainer. If you failed to locate one, you can simply ask a guar for directions. With the enchantments, you are also required to purchase some components via the trade merchants. They commonly need runed copper rod and runed silver rod to perform their magic. For higher level enchantments, powerful rods are required that you can purchase from a blacksmith.

As an enchanter you need to know how to disenchant. This is a process that extracts magical elements from good quality or better weapons or armor. This in turn destroys the weapon or the item in process. After that, you will receive a loot box where you can pick some items that you had created during the disenchanting process. If there is a disenchant methodology, of course there is the enchanting one. This grants added statistics to a particular item that was chosen in this process. You can then be able to equip armors, weapons and the like.

These are some minor things any aspiring enchanter must know and get a grasp of. As a matter of fact there are still many things along the sideways that must be learned in order to become effective in this profession. Though being one requires more work as stated than other related works, the rewards are great especially if you already have this ability handy. Thus, better seek some leveling enchanting guide today!

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