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With bugs and problems since the release of Patch 3.1 and now that we have Patch 3.1.2, today we have heard about some in game fixes for World of Warcraft. Surely things are getting much better but 3.1.2 is going to make everything else the best.

Patch note for Patch 3.1.2 is readily available here. Get yourself some heads up if you are seriously care about the changes.

The changes you need to know:

  • All Lake Wintergrasp daily quests have been changed to a weekly format. The honor and Stone Keeper’s Shards rewarded for completing these quests have been increased to compensate.
  • Juggernaut: Critical strike chance bonus reduced to 25%, down from 100%.
  • Jewel of the Sewers: You can now fish in all parts of the Dalaran sewers for this quest.
  • 10-player bosses that drop Runed Orbs will also sometimes drop the recipes that use those orbs.

Meanwhile here is the list of the in game fixes:

  • If a pet dies from Overwhelming Power on Steelbreaker in Ulduar, Steelbreaker will gain an Electrical Charge.
  • The Doomguard’s ability Cripple now reduces ranged and melee attack speed by 20% instead of 45%. Cripple’s slowing effect does not stack with other slowing effects such as Thunderclap and Infected Wounds.
  • Thorim’s Unbalancing Strike ability will now be used at more consistent intervals.
  • The chance for the Lightning Overload talent to be triggered is being increased from 7/13/20% to 11/22/33%.
  • We have decreased or removed the stealth detection from numerous items. Please visit this link for more information:
  • Wild Growth can no longer proc Revitalize if you don’t have talent points spent in Revitalize.
  • In the Yogg Saron encounter, Paladin Judgement spells will no longer cause diminish power from Crusher Tentacles to cease channeling.
  • The vehicles in the Flame Leviathon encounter will now respawn faster.
  • Hodir will no longer shatter his Rare Cache of Winter if defeated while casting a spell, like Flash Freeze.

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