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Many WoW addons have been released or updated for Blizzard’s latest expansion set, WoW: Wrath of the Lich King. Because of the wide variety of mods and addons, it may be difficult to know which ones are the best to use. Here’s a list of the most widely used wrath of the lich king compatible addons in World of Warcraft.


10. Deadly Boss Mods

This addon monitors everything you need to know about a boss fight. The raid warnings and bar timers make this mod a must. A great help to when and what to expect on every boss encounter in the game.

9. Bartender4

This addon is great for customizing your bars and user interface if you are tired of Blizzards default UI. This mod also makes keybindings very easy to set up.

8. Decursive Wotlk

If you are a decursing class (e.g. mage, druid, priest, paladin, etc) and you don’t have this mod than you are hurting yourself and your party members. If you don’t want to fail at decursing then I suggest you install this addon.

7. ArkInventory

All in one bag mod that lets you sort, separate, keep everything in order. This is a must for classes like Druid that have several armor sets in the inventory or anyone that like to have full control of your bags.

6. Omen Threat Meter

Even if there is now an in-game threat meter that warns you if you are going to pull aggro; this addon always is still very useful. Any dps class that enjoys serious raiding should have this addon installed to monitor TPS (threat per second).

5. Recount

If you are looking for a solid graphical damage meter, then look no further. This addon will help you monitor damage done, dps, damage taken, healing done, and much much more! The graphs are very easy to read and are exceptionally accurate.

4. Atlasloot Enhanced

This UI mod will allow you to view all of the loot tables for every boss in the game. Not only that, but it will also show you drop rates and allow you to link items in any chat channel.

3. Cartographer

This map addon is great for exploring everything you need in World of Warcraft. Aside from the nicely enhanced world map, there’s also great battleground and instance maps.


2. Auctioneer

This is a very popular addon to help you earn loads of cash in Auction house. It automatially shows the right prices for you. There’s also another similar addon that some people like even more called Auctionator.


1. Quest Helper

A questhelper to show you the most efficient route to pickup and complete quests is essential if you want to boost your xp/hour rate. There are lots of quest helpers available. Even if you can find some free ones like quest helper, the most efficient and professional ones are paid ones included in Team idemise Leveling Guide and Zygor Guides.

Now pick up these addons and enchance your World of Warcrat experience.

May the gods of Azeroth be with you, always!


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