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Blizzard Entertainment has released the patch noted for the upcoming World of Warcraft v2.3. In these patch notes there are several changes which will greatly affect nearly every player. Some of the more notable changes announced include:

  • Reduced leveling time from levels 20 to 60! This will be a much welcome change for those of you just starting out or wanting to run up an alt. The decrease in leveling time will be achieved by reducing the overall experience needed between 20 and 60 and by increasing the experience gained from quests from levels 30 to 60.
  • 1/3 of the plus to healing bonus on healing gear will now apply to spell damage as well. This will allow holy priest and paladins to take part in the offensive portion of a fight when there healing capabilities are not needed. This should also reduce the requirement of having to keep damage gear and well as healing gear on characters that are spec’d specifically for healing.
  • Vendor discounts will not apply to all reputation levels about neutral. Friendly 5%, Honored 10%, Revered 15% and Exalted will provide a 20% discount. This should help reduce the costs for late game repairs, ammo, and equipment.
  • New daily quests are being added that will randomly target one of the various battlegrounds. This should help spark some renewed interest in fighting in the various battleground.
  • Alterac valley is getting a major overhaul. Many changes are being made to the battleground to attempt to make it less of a “speed-run” for the opposing general. The various towers and objective throughout the map should now play a key roll in the ability to win a given match.
  • Engineers will now be able to create a new, mechanical flying mount!
  • All of the old-world dungeons (non-expansion pack) have had their loot tables adjusted to provide much better loot. Hopefully this will also add to the ease of leveling new characters in addition to making the gap between old-world and expansion pack item stats a little less drastic (IMO, it would be nice to have your level 60 epics still be worth wearing at level 62 🙂
  • A new, neutral town has been added to Dustwallow Marsh. Hopefully, this will smooth out the gap in available quests for characters in their mid 40’s.
  • A new, level 70, 10 man dungeon is being added to the Ghostlands called Zul’Aman

There many, many changes in store including character balance tweaks, item changes, and more. To read a complete list of these changes, you can read the current test-realm release notes at: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html

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