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this is the packaging

this is the HDD

Actually we can all use an external hard drive specially for World of Warcraft since we will be playing often and using the internal hard drive might cause errors and disrupt our game.

Transcend has come up with a new hard drive that is claimed to help Warcraft players to manage the WOW file, add-ons and other stuff related easier without running into the risk of losing everything.

The idea is to get an external HDD and install all the WOW files so when you want to play, you just need to plug in the USB cable and start playing.

It is available on 160GB, 250GB, 320GB and 500GB version. The prices go up if you pick a higher capacity HDD.

You might have to adjust the graphic setting but otherwise, everything else works finely.

However, come to think about it, we can all do the same on our own. Just purchase a new HDD of our own choices and install the files on it. Voila, we get our own Warcraft HDD which we can carry anywhere we go.

Of course pick a good HDD so that you don’t risk either losing any files or damage to the HDD.

If you need some good advice on picking a good HDD, check out the guide on Buying HDD.

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