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The Mists of Pandaria expansion brings new battles and hunter gems. However, the question that is on everybody's mind is what is the best selling gems in Mists of Pandaria. You want to know more about these gems because they are the best selling gems in Mists of Pandaria, right? What more could you say?

To find the best selling gems in Mists of Pandaria enables you to optimize your raid bss dps. Here is a guide for searching and finding the best gems.

The Agile Primal Diamond is intended for the Meta Gem Slot. And, it has a +216 agility and 3% crit damage which you can use for Beast Mastery (BM), Marksman (MM) and Survival (SV). THe Delicate Primordial Ruby is for the Red Slot. And, it has a +160 agility which can be used for BM, MM and SV.

There are a number of gems that you can use in the Yellow Gem Slot. There are the Deadly Vermillion Onyx or the Perfect Deadly Tiger Opal. These two gems both have +80 agility and +160 crit. You can also use the Deadly Sardonyx which is an awesome and epic gem that has +100 agility and +200 crit. These three gems can be used for BM, MM and SV.

Lastly, the Blue Slot is actualy great for the Delicate Primordial Ruby which has +160 agility, or a Glinting Imperial Amethyst or the Perfect Glinting Roguestone which has +80 agility and +160 hit. However, the epic gems that can be used in this gem slot is the Glinting Zyanite that has a +100 agility and +200 crit damage.

So, it is up to you which best selling gems you prefer for your battles and daily quest. Just make sure that before using these best selling gmes in Mists of Pandaria, you know what they are for and how much power it has in order to optimize your talent and skill.

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