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•    WoW Patch 3.3 Now Live on PTR – This week Blizzard deployed patch 3.3 to the PTR and released the official patch notes. These notes are full of cool changes and additions and of course the PTR now has part of Icecrown Citadel (The Pit of Saron) available for player testing with the promise of more to come in future test realm builds. There are also some significant changes to class specific spells like Hunter’s misdirection, Rogue’s vanish and Shaman’s fire totem just to name a few. With this patch we will also see changes to health and mana regeneration, racial attribute bonuses and some bug fixes. You can read the official 3.3 PTR Patch Notes for all the information. Please keep in mind these are test realm patch notes and are subject to changes and additions prior to the patch’s release to live servers.

•    New Items Coming for World Event – Since it’s release to the PTR folks have been flocking to download and pick apart Patch 3.3 and they have found some interesting tidbits of information. One of the things that caught the attention of data miners is the addition of several new cologne and perfume based items. Now, we all know these type of in game treasures are an integral part of the Love is in the Air celebration which takes place during the month of February, but the nature of these items has some speculating that there could be a lot more in store for us next year!

•   New Race Specific Totems – Shaman everywhere can rejoice since it appears that patch 3.3 will be bringing some brand new totem designs for Trolls, Orcs and Dwarves that better suit the races themselves. Now, I have only personally seen the new Troll totem designs, so I can’t speak for the others, but I know the Troll ones are pretty cool and very Voodoo.

•    Changes to the Early Leveling Experience – Patch 3.3 will be bring changes to the leveling experience for characters levels 1-10. The first change is that players levels 1-5 are completely immune to daze effects and players 6-10 will have a much lower chance of getting slowed down as well. Also, health and mana will both regenerate quite a bit faster and beginner spells will cost less mana than before. Lastly, Rogues will FINALLY dual wield from the moment they enter the game. New rogues will start with a pair of daggers instead of just one.

•    More Icecrown Details Released – This week along with the release of patch 3.3 to the PTR, Blizzard released more details on the Icecrown Citadel. This massive, sprawling instance will include the opportunity for players to battle their way through three separate wings in a progression style, meaning you must complete one before moving on to the next. Each wing will be considered it’s own separate instance, have it’s own lockout timer and items new and unique to reward it’s conquerors. For the full Blizzard post and more detail about the separate wings, check out their post about the upcoming Citadel instances.

•    TCG and Minis World Champs This Weekend – Upper Deck has announced that the 2009 World Championships for both the WoW TCG and Minis games will take place in a public event October 9-11 in Austin,TX. The event will be held at the Austin Convention Center and will include awesome prizes for it’s winners. The winner of the TCG tourney will land a Spectral Tiger Loot Card, $50k and the chance to be represented in a future card release! Although it is a championship level tournament, there will be events and tournaments for players of all levels throughout the weekend with some pretty cool prizes. The event is free to attend and kicks off Thursday morning and goes until Sunday night, for a full schedule of events, click here.

•    Blizzard Announces Official YouTube Channel – Well it seems that someone over at Blizzard headquarters finally thought that is was a good idea to get themselves a YouTube Channel! Right now, the channel contains animations and cinematics that we’ve all likely seen before but I would imagine that in the future we will see newly created cinematics, interviews with Blizz staff, and maybe even some gameplay videos. Whoever is in charge of social media over at Blizzard has been working hard lately and we’re sure glad to see Blizz taking the opportunity to interact with their fans more using these great tools!

•    Mobile Authenticator Back in the App Store – Blizzard’s Mobile Authenticator App is back after being removed from Apple’s App Store a while back. The new version claims to have “UI improvements with a streamlined and enhanced interface”. While this may be true, the problem that got it taken down in the first place is not fixed, there are just a different set of instructions so most players will be able to avoid the issue. It is necessary to remove the authenticator from your account before you upgrade it and then re-apply it afterward, now this may seem like a pain but I think it’s just a minor inconvenience to have a hacker-proof account!

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