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patch31 secrets of uldar

•  Patch 3.1 Secrets of Uldar Is Here! – It was confirmed late last night that 3.1 will be live today once maintenance is completed. I am sooo excited for so many things in this patch, I can hardly wait! To read the full and final patch notes, click here.

•  Official Ulduar Cinematic Revealed – Blizzard released the official cinematic trailer for the upcoming patch, Secrets of Ulduar. I was definitely pleased with this one! It keeps the conflict between the Alliance and Horde factions at the forefront, the only thing they agree on is that they do not support the war on Ulduar, so we really are in this alone…well ‘cept for our guildies!

•  Talent Points – Just a reminder, when your server comes back up to remember to distribute your talent points again as everyones points will be refunded and you will not be able to hit the backside of a barn if you do not re-talent yourself! Also, for those of us anticipating Dual Speccing..

•  Calling All Machinima Artists – compLexity Gaming has started up a brand new machinima site called Noobflicks.com and to help promote it they are running a contest. To enter, all you have to do is put their little intro tag on your machinima and upload it to their site before the end of April. The contest will be awarding several cash prizes during the months of May, June and July. Some cool products will also be up for grabs! If you’re interested, you can check out the official rules here.

•   PETA LoL – Well, a group of P.E.T.A. activists decided it would be a good idea to bring their real world plight into the virtual world of WoW, and they got mocked like you would not believe! The idea was to host an event and get people to join up with the P.E.T.A. activists to take out the 4 Horde seal hunters harvesting the furs for profit on behalf of Thrall. What actually happened is that a bunch of Hordies set up a guild called the “Seal Club Clubbing Club” and showed up to not only kill the seals, but to put great feasts down and eat from them right in front of the P.E.T.A. people! Now, this is funny! I am a fan of the “each to his/her own” concept, but don’t bring your political BS into my game!! Anyhow, you can see some screenshots of the event here, and know that I am giving raspberries to P.E.T.A. right now!

•   Oh, QQ Some More! – So, I saw a blog posting earlier this week that actually had me a bit irritated! It was a fellow player complaining about the new rewards which will be given starting today with the release of Patch 3.1. He was complaining that 10 man raiders would not be getting access to 25 man gear. To see what I think of his whining, check out the blog post on the subject…

•  WoWMatrix No Longer Useful? – Curse Gaming and WoW Interface have banded together and have figured out a way to keep WoWMatrix from accessing their files, which will pretty much negate any usefulness of the program. I for one am disappointed to hear about this because this is my addon updater program of choice. Curse and WoW Interface have stated the Matrix sucks their bandwidth and all the while puts their own adds in front of it’s users. The idea is that we all go to using either the Curse Client (which is unstable and obtrusive) or the WoW Interface Updater (which is not even complete at this point) to update our addons. I realize Matrix was putting a drain on these sites, but isn’t there a more pleasant agreement we could have all come to? Now there is really no good, simple way to to update all addons…thanks guys!

• Important Product News!  I’m not suppose to share this with you.. Dugi’s have JUST opened the doors secretly to his early bird list, this is the secret purchase link that I’m not supposed to share with you..

Take a look at Dugi’s Guide!

The reason I’m telling you this is because you have got to take advantage of his opening special.

The first 200 people that purchase will get the guide at the opening price of $37

As a bonus you will also get to choose one of the following guides ABSOLUTELY FREE!:

•  Ultimate Gold & Profession (including a video showing you how to earn 400g in 20mins)
•  Ultimate PVP Strategies (tons of   strategies in there and 60mins+ video of addons tutorial)

But you have to be the first 200 people to purchase his new guide! If you miss out you won’t get the bonus guide and the price goes up to $47

Anyway STOP READING now, Dugi told me there’s over 6000 people on the early bird list right now.

Go check out Dugi’s Dailies and Event’s Guide right away…


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